Q: How are items priced and sold?

It depends, please review each product description. Some items are sold by the individual piece (i.e. "each"), while others are by the carton, pallet or square foot.


Q: How do I know what products can we Shipped, Picked Up or Delivered Locally

Please see each product description, but you can also sort by delivery option.


Q: Where is "Local Delivery?"

In general, it is defined as within a reasonable driving distance from one of our branches.


Q: What is the Local Delivery policy?

      • Delivery only to outside areas which are easily accessible by Mutual Material delivery equipment
      • Delivery at the address provided on the order only
      • Deliveries are made Monday through Friday approximately 7am - 6pm
      • Signed waiver may be required for delivery in certain circumstances (e.g. driving on new concrete); at drivers discretion.


Q: Why can't I have my order Locally Delivered?

Orders must total ≥ 1,000lbs and be >24,000llbs to be eligible for Local Delivery. So smaller orders that cannot be shipped via parcel, are only available for branch pickup.


Q: Do you Ship or Deliver to Canada?

Currently at this time we do not offer shipping or delivery in Canada, only in the United States.


Q: If I live outside the Local Delivery area, and I have a large order where the quoted shipping is high, can I receive a custom quote?

In some cases this is possible, please call us 1-888-688-8250 indicating you have a web order you would like a shipping quote for.


Q: Are pallets refundable, if I return them?

No, not currently.

Q: What is your warranty and return policy?

Please see our Returns & Warranty


Q: How can I contact Mutual Materials?

PHONE:  1-888-688-8250