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Designer Glazed Slimbrick® is a thin brick tile from Mutual Materials.  Made from natural clay brick that merges the modern trend of subway tile with the timeless texture of natural brick. Washable and waterproof, our Glazed Slimbrick tile adds textural character and colorful visual depth when applied to kitchen backsplash walls, used as bathroom tile, or for brick accent walls. It is suitable for both interior and exterior design. Natural clay thin brick tile, Made in the USA in the Pacific Northwest.  Picket Fence White Slimbrick is an ideal glazed white brick tile is ideally suited for a white brick kitchen backsplash wall.

Each box of Glazed Slimbrick thin brick tile flats covers 6.5 square feet, while a box of corners covers 3 lineal feet.

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Flats: 2.5" x 7.5" x .5"

Corners: 2.5" x 7.5" x .5" (with 1" return)

*Shipping via parcel only, not available for store pickup. 

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To see examples of more projects using Glazed Slimbrick or download our brochure click the links below.

Project Photos


Color Booklet
Slimbrick colors stocked at most Mutual Materials branch stores or available for online purchase. 

Slimbrick Color Booklet 2018

Product Catalog 
Includes stocking colors of Slimbrick availale for online purchase plus special order colors availble for large projects such as commercial architecture and interior design.

Slimbrick Catalog All Products


Note: Not all products in these IDEA BOOKS are available for online purchase in this store.  You can purchase stocking Slimbrick and some Cultured Stone online, for full product lines available visit our company website at www.mutualmaterials.com.  


Interior Design with brick and stone, featuring Slimbrick tile, Cultured Stone and Natural Stone.   Interior walls, kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces.  Project photos + product catalog.

Idea Book Interiors 2018


Exterior Design with brick and stone, featuring Slimbrick tile, Cultured Stone and Natural Stone.  Project photos + product catalog.


Mutual Materials Slimbrick tilie sold on this store can be shipped anywhere in the United States.  We use parcel post shipping options such as US Postal Service and UPS for most orders.  Large, multi-box orders may be palletized and shipped for truck delivery. 

Slimbrick Sample Packs | US Postal Shipping
- 4 pieces of Slimbrick, packed into a small box and mailed the USPS / US Mail Postal Service. 

Slimbrick Cartons |  UPS
- 42 FLAT pieces are packaged into a carton and shipped through UPS / United Parcel Service shipping. 

- 12 CORNER pieces of Glazed Slimbrick or 15 CORNER pieces of Craftsman Slimbrick are packaged into a carton and shipped through UPS / United Parcel Service.

Pallets of Slimbrick Cartons | Common Carrier Shipping

For large orders of Slimbrick, it may be best to shrink wrap all cartons onto a single pallet and arrange for delivery by common carrier.  If your order multiple boxes of product, our customer service may recommend this option to you.  You can also request palletized shipment by using the comments/notes are in your order checkout process.

NOTE:  All Slimbrick on this store is packaged for safe handling during shipping.  If you visit a Mutual Materials branch store for Slimbrick, not all colors or sizes of product may be in stock. Branch packaged Slimbrick has more pieces packaged in an open faced and banded cardboard carrier which is heavier to carry but designed for convenience with immediate installation.   For the full selection of Slimbrick and in shippable boxes, ordering from this online store is best. 

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